Wheeled Upright

Wheeled Upright
COMP 107 – How to ride a bike?

Cycling is about the simplest thing you can learn in life. It requires some basic steps should not be a nuisance for the average person. You may want to consider purchasing a tricycle to teach you the basics, address and pedaling. When ready, up to a small bicycle with training wheels. Remember to use your body to maintain balance, not your handle. Keep the handlebars straight. First, set foot on the pedal. Immediately lift the other foot to start pushing the pedal with your foot. Just keep pedaling! Do not worry about balance. The axis of rotation wheel in forward motion will keep you upright. Do you think this paragraph is a document of A? My teacher is a head of grammar. He skim mentioning the earlier paper was too short … reviewing it, but there are some things only manhy can write to learning to ride a bike …. = /

1 — has reason. is too short 2 — about the easiest thing / one of the more simple things 3 — shouldn't be a hassle / should not be too difficult for 4 – le teach the basics: the direction and light / … Now this is where you explain how to lead and how pedal. these should be two separate paragraphs 5 — put a foot, lift the other foot, pushing with the foot / … I got confused about which foot is supposed to be using to do what. is the foot "other" only in the air, or is on a pedal as well, or did I lift the pedal 6 — URL you mentioned and then not say anything about how it's done 7 —- if she saw her note on the paper skim, revise it, only some manhy, Write to ….. probably decrease your score a little more 8 — can easily fill a page on this subject, perhaps even two pages, even if you know absolutely nothing about riding a bike

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