Vertical Carry

Vertical Carry
Vertical cracks in structures of cone?

When I make the structure in the form of a cone made of salt dough and then put in the oven for baking, there is always a large vertical crack in the cone, why is this happening? If you had to bear weight on it, this crack would affect the maximum load of the structures that can bring?

Could be caused by the steam they need to escape. Maybe it dry completely before "firing" sounds like the vertical crack mass is shrinking or expanding when in the oven and ring voltage exceeds what the body can take. If you start a crack tends to "run", and that transfers is stress to the next part, and the next, and the next … You can get something similar when smelting. Treated, avoiding abrupt changes in thickness cut (threaded) and limit the thickness of the cuts in the casting. Is it necessary to make a cone piece. How about a stack of nesting cones? (Picture of a stack Traffic cones are glued together) Yes it would force effect. Too bad if it is caused by excessive stress in the rim shot

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