Tag Passport

Tag Passport
How the media affect what you think of our nation?

Be sure to watch this video before commenting please. It has to do with our government and media. Http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vuBo4E77ZXo Do you think that has something for real? We know for a fact that RFID tags and microchips in passports and ID cards in a recently come into use in August which is to say that the rest of this video has some truth?

Im horrified and I think that clip is the truth that scares me so I had to pause and take a few minutes to calm down. Ive said it before and I again …….. Will be our own destruction and this proves it. I sent the clip to a few trusted family members to see if they agree it should be interesting. And I will let you know what is said.

The Pink Panther Passport To Peril – Song “Tag Mahal”

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