Rolling Garment

Rolling Garment
Anyone have real ideas about how to combat child labor?

There are many things to consider: 1. Families who are starving and live in huts that need work to live. 2. The retail giants (Wal Mart, etc) in the world that are reducing the supply chain even more. Pay less now 20 years ago for the same clothes, however, the cost of living has increased considerably. 3. corrupt governments and political systems in third world countries simply look the other way while the money keeps rolling in – which basically bleed their own people and at the end of its mandate, to flee the country to their foreign residences. I say this was an easy question!

With all that said .. I do not believe that once an end to child labor. Call me an ass or a pessimist, or simply realistic. It seems half the world isn't dealing with issues like this .. its the American Way to turn a blind eye to things that somehow accommodate them. But the view identification of the most enormous thing facing child labor is that not enough people know. All Kathie Lee Gifford called attention to it for a minute hot and then returned to normal, just like the whos dating Lindsey Lohan .. Is not what is real news?? It sounds tacky, but it seems to be true. cannot America protect their own children not to mention a few other countries.

How to Fold Shirts & Pants : Rolling Pants

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