Pink Hearts

Pink Hearts

costumes of the Queen of Hearts costume is one of the most popular types of joint have been inspired by the book, Alice in Wonderland, which was written by Lewis Carroll in 1865.

The Queen of Hearts costume is very loosely based on the character of the same name of the book, but sometimes clothing may contain elements of the Queen Red dress too, it was a completely different character from the sequel to Alice in Wonderland, called Through the Looking Glass.

The Queen is represented like a monarch in a bad mood, which is always quick to decree death sentences at the slightest offense, shouting his infamous slogan "Off with their heads!"

Although most of the Queen of Hearts Deluxe Dress costumes that are available today vaguely resemble the outfit worn by the Queen in 1951 Walt Disney adaptation Alice in Wonderland, many of the suits have become something very different. However, all Queen of Hearts costumes are usually red, white and black suits, heart motifs present in all.

Here are three different set Queen of Hearts suggestions you may wish to consider before choosing an Alice In Wonderland costume related to the next costume party.

The classic team

The classical Queen of Hearts costume is by far the most accurate representation of the team seen in the classic Disney cartoon. These teams are not limited to regal elegance and balance, there is also something very feminine about them and are usually very flattering for women who use them.

The sexy outfit

Today, the most popular of the Queen of Hearts costumes sexy costumes seem to be the Queen of Hearts costume. These teams are usually based around a red dress mini black and white and more often than not includes a pair of sexy white socks that have some type of red heart motif on them. Many suitors are going to lose my head around you when you use this type of costume, so you should not have to shout "Off with his head!" at any time during the night.

The King of Hearts team

If your queen is going to theme party and the Queen of Hearts, then why not consider going as the King. Today There are some really good King Of Hearts Fancy Dress costumes available such as Deluxe King Costume and based around a house of cards.

So where can you find these Queen of Hearts fancy dress costumes?

Queen of Hearts Fancy Dress has a wide range of great value Queen of Hearts outfits, including the ones mentioned above.

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