Never Used

Never Used

Did you notice that your computer's performance had deteriorated over a period of time since you bought? The reason is that his team had been packed of unwanted junk files you never use. Cleaning your computer on a regular basis, and a scheduled defragmentation, increase speed an extension considerable, although not entirely.

I never realized what happened to me. One day when I was giving a presentation and my boss looked at me and said my problem. My desk was nearly full of Excel files and the word icon. He politely asked me to retrieve a file and I was almost looking for a half hour, but in vain. He explained that my problem was not organized or managed properly my files on my computer and also reflects what kind of personality I am. Was really embarrassed by his remark.

I decided to declutter my computer immediately and did the following:

First, it took a backup of my hard drive as a precaution not to lose any files I have to be beautiful.

Then I created a folder screen name and blindly pulled all the files from my desk and fell into the new folder. It was really relieved to see my desk so neat and clean. I realized that I had become so lazy that I just keep creating my files on the desktop and never bothered to file correctly, or the trash if it is not necessary.

Next I checked the temporary files are created both in the Windows folder, and in the temporary Internet folder. I never realized that all email attachments I open and close creates a temporary file and sits there permanently until you delete it.

So I looked for files that are not used for over a year with the option to advance the search panel, and I have a long list of files that were never used, but I just put it in my computer. I move the names, and decided it is not necessary. I immediately all selected files and deleted them from my system. There was a countless number of duplicate files that I have created as photographs, multiple versions of the same files that are never used by me.

Then I turned to see what all the programs I have been using. More than half of the programs in my program options were used only once and never again were reused. I have been installing programs, but never bothered you do not need to uninstall. I went into the configuration and control panel and delete all unwanted programs from there. There were many games that I play once in a while but were still on my computer. I simply deleted.

After doing all these cleanups opened recycling bin and emptied it, so I can get some more breathing room. Then I did a disk cleanup and a defrag on my computer. This exercise really made thorough cleaning of my computer and reorganized or reorganize my files full. Also my scheduled defragmentation option on a weekly basis, so that I can run from your account without my intervention. I have decided that I am going to keep the files where they are supposed to, and not leave them on my desk. I realized that leaving a file on the desktop is like leaving a file on your desktop.

I was surprised to see how much space he had won with just these steps and, moreover, my system had begun to work faster.

Madhan is a Clutter Management expert. For more great information on declutter computer, visit

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