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Holder Tan
Who is the greatest heavyweight in the UFC again?

My opinion …… Tito Ortiz here is why He is 6 times world heavyweight champion light. Longest reign in any division in the UFC …… 3 1 / 2 years as a starter. Jerry Bohlander notable victories (UFC 12 Light winner) Guy Mezger (UFC 13 winners) Wanderlei Silva (4 times Pride middleweight champion) Evan Tanner (UFC middleweight champion) Ken Shamrock (3-UFC Superfight Champion) Vitor Belfort (winner heavyweight UFC 12, UFC Light Heavyweight Champion) Forrest Griffin (TUF 1 winner, current heavyweight champion of UFC) TUF 3 coach Biggest Pay-Per-View Drawing 2006 CEO Author of Athletics Punishment "This will hurt," Can you beat Chuck or Randy ….. no. but he has done more for the UFC than 2

Chuck Liddell Heres why: I am a big fan of Tito Ortiz, but often fought middleweight fights in the lightweight division. Most of them were cans. The only Beat is good that has Belfort, Silva, and Griffin. Silva got above 5 rounds and the fight against Griffin and Belfort were very close. Liddell has been removed: (2 Kevin Randleman, Guy Mezger Bobalu) Randy Couture (2) Alistair Overeem Tito Ortiz (2) Jeremy Horn Vernon White has Beat: Jeff Monson Wanderlei Silva Murilo Bustamante by decision of all to its title was shot twice when Tito refused to fight him too.

Jackie Burroughs “A Winter Tan”

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