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Geo Travel
Social Studies / FAQ Geo. 10 PTS for BA?

I am in Grade 7, so most of this material may be easy for you, 1. Travel between 2 places in the United States, one is Hotel located at 21 ° N, 158 ° W, the other is Hotel located at 61 ° N, 149 ° W. Due to a strike, all flights are canceled ____________ What other Transport Fourm could use? 2. Some of the special lines of latitude is shown as the dotted line son of the map. Identify each of the following latitudes around 23 degrees north latitude about 23 __________ latitude_________ ° south. go the the map of global climate. How are these lines of latitude in relation to hot climates? ________________ Please help me. Remember and 10 points for the best / only answer!

1. Barco, because the former is in Hawaii and the other is in Alaska. 2. Tropic of Cancer (north) Tropic of Capricorn (south) the tropics of Cancer and Capricorn, mark the boundaries of the area above the Ecuador in which the sun appears directly overhead at some time during the year.

What is Location Independence? Geo-arbitrage, business & travel

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