Expandable Packing

Expandable Packing
Advice on the size and type of luggage to buy week-long vacation?

Hello I am looking for advice on the type and size of luggage purchase that is not too expensive, but is durable. I'm looking for: * Durability (case) * Little expandable (though not guaranteed if the case is hard) * Significant to carry at least 1 week's worth of clothes * Prices are not too … not looking to spend more than £ 60 Thanks

Like you I'm looking for decent suitcase too. I'm not sure what size I am going to get, but still require strong as all my previous bags fell to pieces after only 2 trips abroad! Definitely understand why they do not want to spend over 60 pounds, but my budget is £ 40 and going for 2 weeks .. maybe you should check Ebay. They have some really cool I think I'll end up buying one should not only know what their size to get! Type Redollz suitcase Google – some of the great, looks good quality also – once again its just knowing what size to get! Good luck and a great party!

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