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Euro Voltage
Computer dies within seconds of starting.?

It all started about a week ago. I wake in the morning and find the computer off. (I always kept it on 24 / 7 for about 2 years.) Works well all day until it goes off during the night while I'm sleeping. So yesterday morning go on. About a minute simply dies. I am writing again and die within 20 seconds of starting. I dusted everything. Power supply checked. Fans invoiced heatsink. Everything is working. I have installed new RAM in 6 months. So I decided to flip the voltage switch (in euros) and the computer turned on. Only it was heating more quickly. I expected more heat, since it is much higher voltage. So the problem is that the team did not even start up more than 10 seconds to normal (American) strain. I have no idea what is wrong???

Operating voltage is very bad. Why do that. Put on what should be and leave it (unless you are changing the energy source)! Could be a short or something the computer to overheat. You may want to try to find out what specifically is overheating (ie, when the heat comes from). Are you sure that is overheating when the voltage switch on the right position? It could be another problem. Although it would be a good idea to start your computer with "Disable restart on error", which is an option in the boot options for Windows, which can be reached by pressing F8 just before seeing the Windows logo. When you choose this option, which will keep all the blue screen death error message on the screen to read, so you can use to try to diagnose the problem. If you have one (yet to be if overheating) and then try to find it, and you can give more clues. But most importantly, keep the voltage switch on the right way! You're not helping anything unless Chaning to change the input power, which can actually damage your computer.

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