Case Elite

Case Elite
what type of PC case supports the cooling water?

hello, I have a Thermaltake Bigwater 760i CPU cooling system problems is I have a Coolermaster Elite PC case with side window with a ASUS ATX motherboard in it, and when I tried to adjust the cooling unit Main used to go all the way up the drive bay because the mother stops him. Do I have to get a higher WOT If so where?, Or can I get a card and micro ATX the setting? any sujestions please?

You will need a case further. An ATX motherboard will only be shorter in height not width. As such, will still come as close to the drive bays as a normal ATX case. That said, I did not "want to sound sermons would probably be best not to use that thing. Any of the last units of cooling air through a fan 90 mm or larger to cool for at least as well as the TT Bigwater, if not better. Most all-in-one water cooling kits are not worth the time or money. Only when it comes to DIY systems do you see much further cooling improvement of the air.

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