Carry Suitcase

Carry Suitcase
I need two weeks to pack things in a bag and a suitcase. Help?

Any tips for packing it all fits?

I Use the clear plastic bags with zip and slip covering blankets come in rolls and shirts and put them in that. It's amazing how much can fit in one of them and more easier for TSA screeners to remove and put back in her purse. You have to be creative in your packing and thinking about you can condense your stuff. Shoes for example, can complete with several pairs of socks. My hand luggage bag has a zip-lining, to open it and put soft items like underwear behind zip, otherwise the space is lost. The outer pockets can hold a lot.I also put the largest item first, be careful and not leave any space empty. If there are spaces, small items such as batteries, notebooks, books, etc., can be squeezed into them. If I have installed more than 40 pounds of items in my regulation size carry on bag. If you have a light jacket or raincoat, you can use the pockets to carry some items, just put in his pockets and when you go through security, is like an x-ray luggage. It also can carry an umbrella outside the baggage in most companies air without packing on the inside. Some men like to take a trip of several pockets of the vest, you will be amazed at how much stuff you can put in his pockets. If you have to pack your clothes well, wrinkle release spray is very nice to have. You can spray on shirts and other clothing and pull them and helps the Wrinkles fall.

How To Pack A Carry On Suitcase: Women’s Version

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