Carmel Pointe

Carmel Pointe

Ginseng, the king of herbal tonic comes in two types, red or Korean ginseng and white ginseng. The latter is used as a general tonic for fatigue and weakness, and can help insomnia. Red Ginseng is a powerful tonic. It's good for colds, poor circulation and shortness of breath. It can also be used in situations emergency treatment of shock. Scientific studies suggest that ginseng stimulates natural killer cells of the immune system and may also stimulate the function brain.

Although ginseng is widely available, consult a qualified practitioner. You should not take ginseng if you suffer from palpitations, pressure blood pressure or frequent headaches. Ginger affects the stomach, spleen and lung meridians and is used to treat nausea and vomiting, common cold and detoxify the body. It can also be used as a medium in maxi, when Maxi is placed on a slice of ginger established in the skin, and burned to the slice of ginger.

It is important to visit a reputable doctor who is fully qualified to prescribe and supply of herbs. It is also advisable to ensure the doctor who visits belong to an organization in good faith. This will ensure that the herbal products used are genuine and uncontaminated. Chinese herbs known to contain toxic metals such as lead, and conventional medicines, such as candy.

The herbs are not adulterated with products of animal origin endangered species such as rhino horn, tiger bones and bile from bears. This practice is illegal under the professional and good reputation not Shares of the products of endangered species. Never buy herbal remedies by mail and only buy the herbal remedy, if the package clearly states what it contains.

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