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Zip Travel

These days, when groups of students travel to any destination provided by air, is both practical and economical to travel light. Many Airlines have begun to apply new lower minimum weight requirements with an average of 75 pounds per bag for luggage carried. If bags exceed this limit, Additional charges may apply.

The trick for many groups of students travel is to pack light to start planning your trip and make a change, avoid carrying a excessive amount of memory. If you buy souvenirs heavier, then the student or guest may consider sending the item instead of bringing these items on board the flight home.

The practice of carrying one bag only works particularly well in 3-5 day trips for students. Some companies carriers are even starting to add additional charges for the first bag and extra bags, some only charge for extra luggage.

Encourage students limit their possessions to a piece of luggage for the trip and a luggage item, like a backpack, purse or laptop bag for items that need access easier to board.

Here are some packing tips that I would like to share with those students who took trips this year and next.

Select a good piece of baggage: Do not select a bag that is too large. Instead, opt for something medium-sized enterprises with wheels and a handle for easy transfer. A bag would be light canvas or nylon. leather bags will be weighed. If the class trip is three days or less, students may be able to cope with only one bag and carry out a storage bag under the seat. Check with airlines for the regulation dimensions for hand luggage eliminate a potential baggage charge.

Luggage Label: In the event that a piece of luggage could be lost, put a name and an address within each check-in and carry handheld. Be sure to bring at least one change of clothes and a toothbrush in the carry bag.

Make lists: A packing list is always useful. Students can help the traveler to focus on what is needed, instead of adding additional features not be used. Make sure that only the necessary elements that make the list.

Select proper clothing for weather: When packing, keep in mind the climate or weather conditions at the potential destination. Essential Pack clothing (and layers) accordingly. Use bulky items such as coats on the plane to save space and weight in your luggage. Roll underwear and place inside shoes to save space.

Limit two pairs of shoes: One pair of shoes worn on the plane. Pack one pair of shoes and that's all. Make sure that both pairs of shoes are comfortable walking shoes.

Pack of First Instance size of elements Body Care: Try shopping ahead and get toothpaste trial size mouthwash, soap, shampoo and hair care items. This saves space in your luggage and bags more lightweight. Put all liquids zip lock bags and take an extra zip lock bag for wet bathing suit or towel.

Prescription Drugs: Prescription drugs, especially diabetes drugs with syringes, bottles must be in pharmacy prescription.

Glasses or contact lenses: Be sure to take cases of protection eye, and care treatments and cloth. Bring enough disposable (perhaps with an extra) for short trips to save space, or smaller amounts contact lens cleaner to save space and weight in your luggage.

These packing tips are designed for the student traveler may be new to the idea of traveling far. However, these prospective plans for travel ideas are essential to save money and make it easier to transfer luggage.

For reasons of economy, security and ease of travel remember going light on class trips.

Howard Clemens founded Educational Travel Consultants in 1984. Over the last 24 years, Mr. Clemens has organized student travel tours for thousands of high schools, middle schools, and elementary schools. His company also specializes in performance tours to Washington D.C., New York City, and Orlando, Florida. Email him at or visit

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