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Your Next

Gone are the days when women are treated with love and respect. Used to be that you could almost anywhere at night and still be safe. Today day, the idea of a woman alone at night is frightening.

Being a woman is difficult, I like to burst your bubble, but that's the way it is. With the countless incidents sexual assault, rape and abuse in the news every day, how you can feel safe?

It is never enough to pay attention to their surroundings, you must have a plan to defend themselves. For maximum protection, you need a security of weapons to defend themselves from harm.

An excellent addition to your arsenal of protection to consider is Mace pepper spray gun.

Unlike other self defense weapons like a pistol discharges electrical kuboatan or knife that require close contact with an attacker with Mace pepper gun can effortlessly deploy a powerful formula Oleoresin Capsicum or OC up to 25 feet so you do not need to be near an attacker. To be more precise, a trigger activated, battery-powered LED light is precisely target included.

There are four colors available: pink, silver, sky blue and blue / black.

In addition you can choose two types of aerosol replaceable cartridges; parts of CO and H2O (water) refills practice, each cartridge contains up to seven blasts of 25 feet.

In any situation of danger, the element of Surprise is essential to effectively defend yourself. A surprise plan to temporarily disorient an aggressor is its two important objectives for a successful exit.

Karen Abby is an author and leading distributor of mace pepper gun.
For more information about oc pepper spray and other personal security pepper spray products, please visit

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