Yellow Bird

Yellow Bird

In this three-part article we will explore some of the most popular and how to select a new pet in terms of seven essential criteria. There is a lot of information out there that can be quite daunting for the owner of the parrot for the first time, but please do not get lost in details like the difference between the sun jenday and parrots, or the difference in square and red parrots front. You have enough on their hands as it is!


Parrots of South America as 27, the predominantly green Amazon species are most recognizable parroty piratey look, that comes to mind for most people when they think of the bird parrot for excellence. If you love the colors you can consider one of the impressive 16 species of macaws, ranging from most red, green and blue combinations macaw feathers as popular blue and gold. The Little Black Directed Caique may also consider that belong to the family of colors, with black, yellow spots, white and green. Leaving Central and South America, if you are too embarrassed by the difficulty or even impossibility of telling the males from the females of many species other than parrot, why not opt for a male Eclectus, his body is green with a little red under the wings and the striking orange bill. Or for a woman in black majority red and blue belly.


What does the African Grey parrot has no grace, is invented in the brain. Suffice to say that the most intelligent of birds ever studied was the parrot Alex, Dr. Pepperberg famous colleague. But to be fair the African Grey has no monopoly of intelligence parrot, parrots as a whole are not brains of birds. A common question is "what is the most intelligent of parrot?" And this question I can only answer that they are all incredibly intelligent bird so small. In fact, you can almost rival the African Grey parrot, when it comes to learning tricks or how to talk. The change to the giants, macaws are usually very good tips for learning and imitation, or dare I say like a parrot repeating the actions of its human partner. The green-winged macaws are gorgeous particularly clever, but I would not choose the latter as my first pet bird, as it is quite defensive and may be light or even biting. The Yellow-naped Amazon is also very intelligent, but can be temperamental and have an excessive behavior.

Vocal Talent

I suspect that many beginners are attracted by parrots in part because of his uncanny ability to speak (I know I do!), while others may prefer a silent partner. If you fall into the latter category of the future owners, I am afraid you will not find a parrot very quiet, as most of them are loud, though to varying degrees. While the election in accordance your new friend to the reputation of its kind voice is a sensible thing to do, remember that only increase or decrease the likelihood of your pet parrot to speak, is not guaranteed.

Let's start with talkers. The most famous are talkative parrots and African gray parrots. Curiously, it is easier for males to discuss and parakeets imitate the human voice than it is for women, although the latter can speak, but are simply more reluctant to start a conversation. The Double Yellow Head Amazon and Yellow-Crowned Amazon are excellent speakers and singers! They are also much easier to live with his cousin yellow nape. Quaker Parrots are also very good talkers, but can be a bit strong. As for the larger birds, the blue and gold macaw military and bass are good talkers, but keep in mind that much for them vocalizing is a common way to communicate. So if you have neighbors and paper walls …

On the other hand for those who prefer not to have a talkative friend of the species quiet birds is probably the Eclectus parrot independent.

Laurene Arroyo is a long-time parrot enthusiast. Whichever parrot you choose, you can learn more about the best pet parrots and sign up for her FREE Parrot Care mini-course by visiting

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