Xtreme Lite

Xtreme Lite
I trade in. … In playntrade READ DESC!?

Hi I'm trading in 26 games here are as follows: DS: The Legendary starfy, rock band layman. Xbox: Halo 3 Cod WAW and Skate 2 Xbox: Agent Under Fire James joined the NFL 2004 fecer, spider, man destroys all human beings, 2 PC: Halo 2. PS2 360: Link of the night the fire James, the godfather the win, GUN, destroy all humans, Tokyo Xtreme Racer 3 JakX racing competition, the lord of the rings guitar hero 3 legends of rock, kingdom hearts, guitar hero m2, god of war 2, your arsenal ratchet and clank, Dragon Ball Z: Budokai Tenkachi, Cars, the Major, song of Cerberus Final Fantasy. Systems: PS2, DS Lite, Game Boy Advance 3. How much could I get this?

200 to 350

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