Wyndham Star

Wyndham Star

When a man discovers that he is a man, usually find that you are alone. His need for companionship is evident and serious at times. If he is lucky, find someone, but if he is really lucky, you will meet your partner.

A new dawning love, the world begins.
Life has meaning, within himself.
A soul wakes up to find their way.
A well-marked path, you can hear him say.

A soul-child comes to hand
for love and comfort, please understand.
But spiritual love is not enough.
He needs to touch, feel, love.

Spiritual love is food for the soul.
But the physical love make this whole man.
To build this love requires effort and attention.
But wonderful things can be his, if you dare.

Each day it grows and learns to live.
He learns to share, gain and give.
But often wonders how she feels today,
what she believes importantly, you have to say.

So she combs her hair and put a smile
and soon forget their problems over time.
His smile fills room with a glow obvious.
Feel the pleasure of soon know.

They walk hand in hand through the path of desire.
The two of them together, their bodies on fire.
And then, together, when the fire has gone out.
They still love each other, that's what love is.

As life continues and we learn to live
learn to be people who can take or give.
They learn to love others, his family and friends.
They learn that life is not only means to an end.

And so, at the end when the curtain is near
look at each other and know no fear
Because they have learned in your life love is light
Burning on forever, forever bright.

Some things go without saying, but there are some things to say. One of the saddest things I have found is that many people believe that everyone knows these things, it is obvious and needs no explanation. I think that's wrong. In my opinion, what we believe is Clearly it is only our own laziness of thought. For the care of human beings is becoming rare, in a spiritual sense. I hope this poem helps, but only a little.

William Wyndham Wyatt is looking to change the world one reader at a time. He knows it’s a hopeless goal, but that is his quest, to follow that star, no matter how hopeless, no matter-well, you get the idea. People have gotten lost in their desire to fit in to a broken society, in his view. They are to blame and society itself is to blame. Question is, can we find our way back? He believes we can, and sooner or later, we will. He just doesn’t want it to be later. Read on and find your way back!

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