Women Briefcase

Women Briefcase
What comes to mind when I say (people afraid)?

what comes to mind when I say the following words (answer each word separately): 1) stewardess 2) garbage collector three) woman holding a briefcase walking fast and talking on his cell phone 4) Steward 5) construction worker, for example: 1) flight attendant ~ "I can get you something to drink?" 2) The trash man ~ I forgot to take out the trash 3) woman walking holding fast a briefcase and talking on his cell phone lawyer ~ 4) ~ waiter white aprons and a construction worker ~ 5) hull tie

1.) "Ten care with terrorists! "2.)" I have a horrible job! "3.)" I'm better than you! haha! "4)." You do not know spit Loog a secret in your burger .. i "5.)" I like getting dirty "

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