Wheeled Travel

Wheeled Travel
About how much would it cost to replace the wheels and axles of a trailer of age?

I am interested in buying an old trailer and wheels and axle (Single axis) are from 1946 … so they have a bit of rust and stuff, to say the least. Would this be a very difficult job that requires many hours of mechanical? I guess I'm just looking for a ballpark figure.

replace the bearing is not the most hard ar only nut holding them in large and might have to go to a source of baering find them, but a parts store might have them more likely axes ok, but they do SNAD paper to wipe if one really bad XLE under Othe r some may be the way it is difficult to find someone to work on it, but shouldn't need but a couple hours to repalce shaft bearing or both bolts haver few woul dbe find parts more difficult I think

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