Wheeled Carry

Wheeled Carry
What size luggage people prefer 22 "or 19"?

I am thinking of buying a new piece of wheeled luggage and have been looking at both 19 and 22 inch versions. What size people prefer traveling by air? I'll be traveling a lot for business so I want something that lasts. I usually pack fairly light, but do not know if the 19 "will be too small. What people have found it more convenient? Thanks for your help!

I have a 22 "and use it for carry out. I'm so happy to have so large (it just makes a virtue of the requirements for the size) because they are now subject baggage fines of more than 50 pounds. So I can use my continue to have more. In addition, a few airlines are charging for second bag and the rest can follow.

Sherpani Meridian 22″ Carry On

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