Wheeled Cargo

Wheeled Cargo
Why do so many large trucks rarely get stuck in the mud roads, however, does not have 4WD?

Great tires? Wheels dual? Massive weight?

I have taken my truck mechanic service through sand, mud and there was not much problem. I think what helps me getting stuck is not the truck has two 19.5-inch tires tips the scales at 12,000 pounds. The weight on the rear wheels actually pack the surface as one roller and keeps the wheels spinning wildly. I've noticed sometimes when I go through the mud and sand from the truck plows forward, but not manage it well if it is due to all weight in the back of it. I went to where my escort has been stuck in a small pickup truck 2WD and not me.

Touring with Uni-Go Trailer (single-wheeled) in Australia (3) April 2009

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