Weekender Travel

Weekender Travel
Tips Vera Bradley bag?

I feel a little silly asking this but I imagine that you all might have some good experiences / tips share. My mother has called for a new travel bag Vera Bradley for Christmas and I'm caught in the style to get her (I know the pattern you like). It needed for a weekend / travel bag and told me that he should have inside pockets. Today Miller has the bag, but is a bit too small for their needs, so I'm looking to go a little bigger. I'm thinking of going to the Super Weekender or the Tote … Does anyone have any of these bags? Do you think that is enough great for your stuff? How is the strap? Http://www.verabradley.com/product/Super-Tote/154804/defaultColor/Blue% http://www.verabradley.com/product/Weekender/154813/defaultColor/Carnaby/p/154813.uts Super Weekender Tote 20Rhapsody/p/154804.uts Thanks!

I have both of these bags and now there is a super bag sale I belive when you bought recently there was no Anyway, if she is a SUPER TOTE heavy packer the challenge, if not so much that I go with the weekend I use to travel for road trips small but Brek over Christmas or spring break bring super tote one question I do not believe it has a zipper to close but I havent looked in awhile! I hope I helped a little!

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