Weekender Duffel

Weekender Duffel

Each year, we got to the same dilemma of what to get mom for Mother's Day. Flowers, chocolates, jewelry … all good ideas, but nothing jumps as unique. Each mother has her own lifestyle, and you can not go wrong with an exclusively designed bag not only his fashion sense, but by his own "on the fly activities.

1) Executive Mom – Go to work every day and in the world, this mother needs some work and as a whole. Lodis is known for leather lush and timeless designs. Lodis Audrey Brera Brief laptop is a classic look that works well in the boardroom, and may make a declaration of power extra red. A padded interior laptop pocket keeps a laptop safe, and everyone loves the front organizer pocket puts smaller elements at your fingertips.

2) Traveling Mama – Some moms love to travel, whether it is driving to local destinations with the family or a flying leap to go a little more. The canvas bag weekend Jane Marvel is not your typical sport canvas, and can fit a lot of things and has a stylized female form handles. Water resistant laminate exterior is not only practical, but presents a more fashionable.

3) new mom – If a newborn is about the corner, there is no doubt that this mom is a diaper bag to be practical. Basic black is always an option, but for spring, let's Mother have fun with a bright color, such as the baby Amy Michelle Gladiola bag. Bright green and red are presented in an imitation patent leather and have tons of internal and external pockets to keep bottles, food, and more. The bag is more like a bag, and can help mom in the maternity facility.

4) Mom Shopping – Well, this could be true for all moms. But for the mom who does not stop, it is recommended that large Baggallini Bag in a bag. A super lightweight nylon bag wrinkles develop a large bag to carry everything that may have been collected from a business trip. This is great for local trips, but even better when the mother may need to take home extra findings from his travels. It is a versatile gift for less than $ 50.

5) mother lover of photography – Photographer For Mom intense not just use your phone camera to take pictures, we love the laptop and backpack Ogio ty video. Is the padding and compartments of abundance to maintain a full camera set up. It even includes a folding brace. The backpack is perfect for the woman who takes pictures in motion or traveling alone to take pictures.

6) Mom Blogger – She's juggling kids and carpools, but on the side, it is a blog several times a day, publishing deals and tips. Perfect for her is a computer laptop bag that fits perfectly for your netbook. Mini Higher Ground Shuttle (available in various sizes) carrying a laptop safely but opens to become a portable "desktop" so that this mother can easily blog from almost anywhere.

7) Mother Earthy – If your Mom's favorite eco-conscious, we suggest a bag of recycled products. Rebagz Tie colorful bag is great from recycled juice packs (who knew?). If it was fashionable enough to be featured on Ugly Betty, which is trendy enough for most moms.

8) Retro mother – If the mother remembers Pan Am, or at least the spirit of the flight was really funny, she'll love any of the bags from the collection of Pan Am The Pan Am Orion travel bag for instance, is a replica of what was on Pan Am for First Class travelers headed to Europe when air transport began in 1958!

Mother’s Day only comes once a year, and a designer bag is a unique Mother’s Day gift for many different kinds of moms. Whether your mom is tech-savvy and needs a laptop bag or is just a new mom and would like a more fashionable diaper bag, a gift of a designer bag will make Mom perk up and say “Thank you!”

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