Week Timeshare Deed

Week Timeshare Deed
timesharing, Tahiti Village Las Vegas, how can we sell?

We just her, it was a mistake, we want it gone, do not want money, only to have someone take it over .. How we do that? who would we turn to "take possession of it '.. again, do not want money … its every two years, one week a year, title and the title … How do I find someone? What are the steps?

I would like have an answer for you. My daughter bought one in Phoenix and are having a difficult time selling it. Contacted a company to ensure they could sell and after paying a fee of $ 400, its been a year and the company has not done anything. I lived in Las Vegas for 15 years and if I knew you were thinking of buying one, would tried to talk you out of it. It is a wonderful way to get timeshare sold ….. they give away free shows, dinner, etc, and everything we do is to move from 3 hours of your day in a presentation. And yes, the people of Tahiti is impressive. This is the Polo Towers. Time shares are great if you do travel a lot and benefit costs. And face it, Las Vegas is getting more expensive than when I lived there. Unfortunate unless you want to ruin your credit, you can not turn away. Try listing on ebay.com and craigslist.com and see what happens. Word of advice though, if the contract is not manageable (ie, you have someone take over payments and its name comes from the contract), then you have to constantly make sure you receive payment from someone, because it goes against your credit. Good luck and keep you and my daughter in prayer.

Fixed vs. Floating ownership

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