Wally Bags

Wally Bags
Hope you like an ode Glesga SAD PART … Oh, where is the Glasgow where I used to sleep?

Wally White closes done up wi clay pipe, where everyone knew, first floor to the third and keep his door closed, it was considered absurd. Where are the weans that once played on the street? Wi A Jorrios, a Peeri, a girl Wi A Cleet, Can hudgie still a cage or dreep aff a dyke? hunch hunch Play Cuddy, kicking a can, and so on. And where is the wee shop where I used to buy Chiquita a neighborhood of O 'tuppeny cake, biscuits or broke to the bag', a bun sodie Wee, ' Aye wummin asked how gettin on yir maw? second part of the morning.

Yes, brings back memories, For the first part of my life I have lived in a neighborhood in Clydebank, I do not think Wally was an elegant but close! Rd emeber still visit my grandmother who lived in the same room and the kitchen of the 1920s until his death in the late 1960s and the bathroom was shared one in a lower middle landing! I can not wait for part 2! Ora better

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