Wallet Passport

Wallet Passport
Life in Australia, lost passport and ID everyone. What should I do?

I've been living in Australia for a little over three weeks and now just lost my wallet with passport and all government issued id. Still I have a student ID with photo cards credit and a copy of my passport, driver's license, birth certificate and all of my visa / school registration information – but not the originals. Will you accept these forms of identification at the consulate? Or am I a creek without a paddle? I'm an American citizen and go to the consulate tomorrow (Monday).

If I remember correctly, you are asking two questions: 1) What to do with your stuff and 2) Can I use photocopies of information for a replacement? It seems that you already have a clear idea of what to do to get your new passport, so I will not try to answer the first question, but the second going to take a stab at: According to the consulate website (see below) that do not play with the documentation. From what I could gather, photocopies are not acceptable. However, it is mentioned throughout the site in relation to situations where that is lost or stolen the original documents with your passport (and I can not imagine that you are the first). Maybe give the consulate a call before tomorrow morning to leave to ensure that waste your time if you require further information. And good luck! That kind of shit!

The Lost Passport and Wallet

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