Wallet Holder

Wallet Holder

RFID credit card
Since June 2005, all American Express Blue credit issued have been embedded with an RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) transponder, in addition to traditional credit card magnetic stripe. RFID transmits data wirelessly between two or more Objects in the vicinity. This means that when you shop at any of the American Express ExpressPay participating merchants, simply have to touch the credit card against, or to keep an inch or two away from the RFID reader, that the goods will be charged to your card.

According to American Express, the largest benefit of using an RFID system that speeds up transactions. Statistics gathered during the proof of concept and pilot phases of the project showed that the payment by the blue RFID American Express card is 63 percent faster than paying cash and 53 percent faster than the payment follows the traditional credit process the card.

The RFID keychain
In connection with RFID systems from Texas Instruments, American Express also launched an RFID keychain all holder of a Blue American Express credit card is eligible. The key chain fits most of the key chains that can be used instead of your credit card to pay for everyday purchases such as fuel and food. This means that there is no need to take your wallet with you when shopping.

As the holder of a Blue Card, all purchases made through its turnkey RFID, are charged directly to your credit card account. These charges will appear on your monthly statement credit card. So you can distinguish between purchases by RFID key fob and card, ExpressPay purchases are highlighted as is the name of the trader, the date and amount spent. A limit of $ 150 per day is imposed.

If you have more than one account Azul, you may request an RFID key fob for each account that you are have.

RFID Security
As with all wireless technologies, there may be doubts about the security of payment transactions using credit card. The company says that holders of American Express Blue credit card is very safe. In addition to a variety of security measures data encryption, similar to that used for the RFID chip in U.S. passports, is used to ensure that inside information is not shared. As with all Credit cards American Express, Blue Card holders are protected with RFID abuse and theft.

The modern design Blue Card American Express Credit, together with the characteristics of current generation has seen as one of the most popular credit cards to young adults today.

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