Wall Plug

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Wall Plug
When I connect to my TV or cable in a power outlet makes a sound critical, but the wall outlet and notta?

My TV is right next to a normal plug wall, I connect, or the cable box in the bottom outlet and the TV or cable box with a plug to make electrical buzz strong enough when same computer plug up all is calm. Oh yes the TV still works with both but only problem is noise.

Sounds like it could have a loose (land) connected to the receptacle or goes wrong. Disconnect power to the particular hall. Remove the cover, remove the box receptacle and tighten the screws hold the cables making sure there is a good ground. recept Reinstall the power to turn the rear and check to see if the noise is gone. If you place the cover and continue with your day, and if it still hums the output change to a new one.

I-Nique 3 Pin USB Power Wall Plug Unboxing And Update Video

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