Wall Map

Wall Map

Pettyjohn Cave was not always as accessible as it is today. There used to be a mountain dirt road that curved around the edge of the hill and crossed the river bed northwest of the entrance. Sometimes they get stuck in deep mud holes and end up walking most of the way to the cave.

In an effort to establish correctly the actual length of the cave known, I have been reviewing all the notes of the survey that I Richard Schreiber, myself and others, and thought you might be of interest to say what is studied and when.

The first attempt to study the cave was in 1967 by Foxy Ferguson and Richard Schreiber was eventually scrapped.

31 January 1969 – Richard Schreiber and McGuffin Della began a survey at the entrance and continued to the back of the room for autographs. No shots were fired during the next Travel and recorded 574.6 feet to the true horizontal cave (THC). After entering the data from the rough on my mapping program of the cave, the distance was THC being 576.6 feet from now I'll use the computer calculates the distance instead of the notes.

February 1, 1969 – Richard Schreiber Della McGuffin and mapping back to the first junction room, charting high on the right passage. Outlined in the training room low-rise on the wall right of the main entrance room, but not the map. They then returned to the maze exit and controlled almost straight down into the passage leading to the Signature Room. They surveyed the end of the narrow passage at the end of the Signature Room in the survey, but not two drivers out of this room.

On the way back The Researchers surveyed a parallel passage and the northern tip of the lower level. Halfway up the climb back to a passage surveyed the persistence of the main hall. This later became the preferred route to the site of the firm. This survey resulted THC 1040.07 feet, not what they wanted to 1010.4 feet. I think they were being conservative in the estimation of the true horizontal cave survey.

February 22, 1969 – Richard Schreiber, McGuffin and Della came back from a Bill Damewood weekend from the mapping in the Board of plans and maps through the Z-Bends. At the exit of the Z-Bends noted the low pass to the left which later became in Squeeeze Pancake.

Mapping southwest step that reached up to thirty feet on the ground to a passage of current. This current is in another cave, Screech Owl Cave east of the entrance to the Cave Pettyjohn. He has not made the connection between the two caves.

The researchers surveyed down the narrow passage creek that was later named Baroody – Passage Holsinger, until they crossed the passage of the mainstream of the cave. On the right a shot survey ended in a break with the current flows through the rocks. The step sequence, was assigned to 21 stations to study more before stopping for the day to a crawl under compression and the belle tight top on a slope of mud. This survey resulted 2154.33 feet THC This survey was connected to the main hall at the end of the next day with a brief survey below the main entrance hall from the second crossing.

February 23, 1969 – Richard Schreiber, Della McGuffin, Bill Hicks Damewood Mike and mapped the area that is what we now call the Labyrinth of the East and the connection to the previous survey days. This survey resulted THC 788.97 feet

The survey P10 docking station in the original survey notes have a "?" after the season, which leads me to believe there may be some question the starting point. Later in the labyrinth of this survey may be of the same passages, at this moment I am still trying to solve. They did map downstream to the point referred to the "hell hole."

March 8, 1969 – Richard Schreiber and McGuffin Della allocate more of the surface 2ndjunction below in the main hall. Assigned a connection to the Labyrinth steps back into the main hall of the station P9, again with a "?" mark. Since J7 station in the labyrinth of this is allocated back to the north under the eastern wall of the main room. This survey resulted in 576.80 feet THC

April 20, 1969 – Marion O. Smith and Richard Schreiber mapping heading towards Volcano Room main entrance hall and then 143.71 meters, the station G-8 at the bottom of a vertical rise 5.2 meters, reached the first mile of the survey. In this same trip, discovered the spiral tube and the Board Echo.

I began digging in 1971 and made my first trip to this great cave on July 23, 1972 with a Boy Scout troop for the Signature Room. The mapping cave was already in place at that time and from time to time met with some of the groups mapping out of the cave after a trip assignment. I started mapping and re-mapping parts of the cave in 1987, without access to study data previously obtained. My thanks to Marion O. Smith Richard Schreiber survey shared with me and history notes Early exploration of Pettyjohn Cave.

The raw survey data for the first mile is available in pdf format on my website caving.

About the Author: Hubert Crowell, Cave Explorer

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