Voltage Booster

Voltage Booster
AC does not work because of the low voltage?

hi live in Kolkata, India and recently bought a CA. We see that due to the sharp drop in voltage in our area (sometimes goes even lower until at 160 V instead of the expected 220-V in India), our AC doesn't work during the day. He even tried stabilizers and elevators, but still no help. Therefore, I am thinking of buying an imported from the USA. based on my understanding, the US-manufactured goods requires only 110 V. Therefore, I was thinking if I can buy one U.S. AC and use in India, should work without problem, even if the voltage drops to 160 V, and still be above the range of what is required for the CA bought the U.S., which is 110 please suggest me in this regard.

If you buy a unit manufactured for use in the U.S., you have a good or 110/120VAC 60Hz 220VAC unit. The unit will not last very long at 160V 110/120VAC, 220VAC unit conducted identically to that currently provided you have CURRENT 60Hz. For all I know, India is 50 Hz, which adversely affect the engine design to 60Hz. A constant source of energy would be your answer, but it is very expensive. It would be cheaper to buy a generator and fuel to take control processors and circuitry required to maintain more than one variation 220VAC 60V.

Voltage Booster

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