Vintage Suitcase

Vintage Suitcase

Back in the early and mid-1980 some of my friends and I went into the tasting of beer
Club (which account for my vagueness of the specific dates in time) in
Farewell Glass Pub in Lake Avenue in Saratoga Springs.
There was only "sample" in the neighborhood of 200 beers in approximately 10 months
and the degree to which a dashboard. If you could preview 2-3 beers a night, 2-3
times a week, this great gift to humanity was capable of doing, "
without the need for emergency care. And we. What a
time we enjoy beers from around the world. From little 7 oz Pilsners
The Fosters Lager 25 oz can, we have completed important work in plenty of time.
We have built many bridges and solved many problems of the world sitting in front
this wonderful bar. One night during a heavy snowstorm, I
actually skied with my faithful dog Rocky from my apartment to the north
Broadway, refusing to let Mother Nature sway me from my commitment to important
issues relating to the human condition.

After thorough study of the drinks were finished, the "Glass" a party for those in which swell
measure. Many of the gifts donated beer sellers fond memories beer for
qualifiers. The owners installed a plaque on the wall with all
Beer Tasters engraved on it, something I've drawn many new friends to see.
The last time I stopped at the plate was nowhere to be found. The waitress told me
someone had stolen (no doubt someone I had shared wall space
trophy – oh, the cruelty). She also
said he was thinking of starting the Club Taster backup, so check it out
out and sent me.

The parting Glass Pub is located on Lake Avenue in downtown Saratoga Springs.
A short distance east of Broadway, so below Hill Police Station, a
pair of doors
before the House of fire and wading pool, corner to the Armory. They organize a lot of great bands
and is a frequent stop for a popular local Irish group known as the McKrells.
The famous Saratoga Race Course is not far.

When I remember as a kid Rocco Italian Restaurant and the memory had the best thin crust pizza
the city. When Rocco went through the cabins
on the bar and the kitchen was in a separate room. When the parting glass
took over in 1981 they removed the wall and opened the bar to the dining area. The
cabins were separated and moved to the outer walls of the dining area. Above the
years have bought real estate and adjacent
have been expanded slightly to to accommodate another larger dining / music area. The
joint has some really good vintage woodwork and a great atmosphere.

Glass also has a great room with darts
several dart boards and a good selection of custom darts and dart accessories
for sale. At a time
also owned a pub called Cohans (I think it was the name) in Ireland and is used to
have darts competitions between the two establishments, keep a record fax machine. I've always enjoyed the
fact that the place was owned by the family and the users may feel part of the family and girls
and his mother spilled beer, mixed drinks and waited tables.

With everything from pizzas and wings steaks and lamb stew, the menu is first class
and varied. I am particularly fond of sweet potato fries and
Shepherds Pie. Parking is pretty good compared to Broadway and there is no
garage within walking distance, so it is a meeting place for good
newcomers occupied the center of Saratoga Springs. Of course, the Cup's departure is "the place" to be
San "Paddy's Day with lots of live music, dancing and lots of Guinness
barrel. Delicious corned beef and cabbage
special served in the week prior to and including the big event.

You can visit their website at:

Owner Joan is said to defile the name of the pub after the Irish song
same name. The following are the lyrics:

Of all the money that e'er I spent

I have spent in good company

And all the harm they ever did

Alas it was to none but me

And everything I've done for want of wit

To memory now I can not remember

So I fill the glass farewell

Good night and joy be with you all

If I had enough money to spend

And leisure to sit awhile

There is a beautiful girl in town

My aching heart has deceived

His rosy cheeks and ruby lips

I own it has captured my heart

So I fill the glass farewell

Good night and joy be with you all

Oh, all partners I had never in any

They are what I feel for my departure

And all the sweethearts e'er I had

They want me for one more day keep

But since it falls to my lot

That I should rise and should not

I will rise gently and softly call

Good night and joy be with you all

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