Vintage Hotel

Vintage Hotel
Amsterdam, NL? Can you provide any answers to my questions or tips …?

Everyone can respond to visitors and locals. I like to visit Amsterdam and was curious ….. When is the best time to visit Amsterdam? Stay in a hotel or rent an apartment per week? What / Where are the best museums, in your opinion? Are there really cool dance clubs? In Amsterdam there are consignment / vintage and antique shops? Shops ball Odd / restaurants?

Amsterdam is a destination all year round, which is occupied by at least November and February and March, and most in July, August and about Queen's Day (April 30) I prefer May to June or September, but that's because I like the city but not too busy. There are many different types of hotels and hostels, apartments and houseboats for hire, it is impossible to tell you what is best for you. Just read the comments on the place you like to book, so you can guess what kind of place is. With over 40 museums to choose from, I find it difficult to name only one or two, again is their choice and not what is "better." If you have read the diary, Anne Frank's house, but if you have not read, never mind. Rijksmuseum and Van Gogh Museum are very popular, and rightly so, but you are interested except in the paintings in the style of the show is a waste of time. My personal favorites also include: a museum of handbags, purses and the like: A church hidden in some houses in the village: The museum on the history of the city, with paintings, but many people used to wear items and much more varied / More links to museums can be found on the first link in the sources. I do not do the dance clubs, so there is no advice. There are some Vintage shops in Amsterdam, I saw a commercial area in the nine streets, see the source link, but it is not a common thing. But many antique shops. I do not remember any consignment store, but I never looked for them. If you've been traveling in Europe and want a good selection of English language books, Amsterdam has several bookstores that specialize in English, one in Spui, the American Book Center, and one on the corner of Spui and Kalverstraat, Waterstones. There are good restaurants than you can start talking, I like to walk Leidsestraat Zeedijk or around, especially on the streets that run along it.

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