Victorinox Swiss

Victorinox Swiss

Cooking is an art, and as with all art forms when cooking you need the right tools. The most important thing is that you need quality knives, comfortable. A good balance, sharp, comfortable kitchen knife makes the whole experience more enlightening, relaxing and fun. No more frustration then cut a tomato with a dull knife, slices are distorted and uneven. On the other hand can not describe the pleasure of effortlessly cutting a gourd, while the advantage added to develop the technique of knife. A knife can make a big difference in the kitchen, then how to choose one.

Not all knives are created equal. There are several styles, shapes and specific uses of the knives. The knife most common and most important is the kitchen knife. The kitchen knife has to be weight so you can cut through chicken bones, good balance for maneuverability, and of course a sharp edge. It is also preferred that extend from high carbon stainless steel, and cut in one piece. Another popular knife is the Santoku knife. The variant santoku knife is in Japanese chef knife. It is mainly used for cutting vegetables and fruits.

Now you've probably heard of companies large knife, Wusthof and Henckels. You probably also know that cost much to the real deal. A knife made by any of the companies will cost at least $ 50 and can go up to $ 100. Note that versions are cheaper, but those versions are made in China and not in Germany or Spain.

So what you should get a knife, the answer is simple. Victorinox. That company might be familiar to you, because this is the same company that makes the Swiss Army knife. Victorinox manufactures all knives in Switzerland, is not a exception. Your kitchen knife was the best evaluated by cooks illustrated. Best of all it costs less than $ 30.

I can personally testify that these knives are excellent. So far I have bought four knives. A chef knife, two knives santoku (I use one for the fish), and a knife. All of them are very good.

If you want to learn more about Victorinox knives, and quality kitchen knives, click here

Victorinox – Swiss Army Knife – Presentation

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