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"In-Sight", a novel by Gerard D. Webster, is not only a thoroughly enjoyable read, is a page-turner with a purpose. I read this book 415 pages in less than a week, but I know I will long remember.

"In-Sight" is really the story of many people – some good, some bad – whose lives intersect in a dangerous conflict on the conversion of a small island community in an extravagant complex. The political and personal interests, power, corruption and greed come into play. The cast of characters includes Ward McNulty, who lives a "success" of worldly life as a syndicated columnist eventually must face the disturbing consequences of their actions; Carrie Hope, a beautiful woman, news ambitious personal matters; Dan McNulty, the father of Ward (Which is too Catholic for the taste of Ward), the father of Bart, an old army chaplain, Bob Rohrbach, a defense attorney become real-estate-lawyer the champions of what is truly right, and, of course, a lot of bad guys! Here is a brief excerpt from the book that illustrates one of the villains, a Baron heartless drug:

Galarza mocked by the weakness of men whose scruples prevented them from ever becoming truly powerful. Of all the things he never killed, he thought, his conscience was the easiest.

It is, in fact, how they manage the characters with their consciences, if they hear or suffocate them, which makes this story. Worldly view of life can be and often is-far from reality, and the author take on this is intriguing. A little less from halfway in the book, the story takes a twist that makes you say, "Ah-ha! Now with the title. Great double meaning!" This dramatic shift would be difficult to believe without the context convincing that Mr. Webster has created throughout history.

It is important to note that this is definitely not a book for children who are themselves adult content on topics such as immoral lifestyles, drugs, abortion, and some very low life characters. However, aware of that these are used for a purpose at a time to follow the plot and reveal the results of the elections dark evil. Many of the characters swear and use foul language. While all this book is not strictly "traditional" Catholic, is a worthy book in its depiction of the moral issues with the consequences. Also, "In-Sight" contains precious bits of wisdom without having to resort to preaching clumsy.

Normally, this is not the kind of book I read, as a look that makes me assume that it is a boring, confusing book, especially for male readers political. Fortunately, this is not the case with "In-Sight." Mr. Webster, of course, has done his research. It is a talented writer who has managed to start a project of this magnitude successfully, while including humorous touches. The appeals history of men and women, contains no gore, however, culminates in a thrilling climax, firearm, then slides into a satisfactory resolution.

In summary, I would go out with a short excerpt from the book, which I think emphasizes the ability to write Mr. Webster and the reality of what sets his book apart from masses:

Not just a run-of-mill research. Nor is it just another legal battle. It was nothing less than epic battle between Truth and Falsehood, between Good and Evil and was made out in its earthly phase small, but with eternal consequences.

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This review was written by Therese Heckenkamp, author of the Catholic suspense novel “Past Suspicion”.

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