Usa Snakeskin

Usa Snakeskin
I started Breeding Fancy Tail Guppy 3mounths ago. What type should I race? What types are there?

I need to know all kinds of fancy guppies tail, and possible images. I know what the yellow snakeskin Guppy seems. I would also like to know what you breed for other types. What will get me more money? How much should I sell for guppies (those not wish-the-puur races) I live in the area of U.S. NE. (PA) Please inform me of any other information that may be similar. Please inform me of any links you have used. * I will choose a better response. * Please I just want real answers, not stupid. Thanks!

First you need to be sure that from pure strain fish and the only real way to do to buy from a breeder hands directly. As for what will sell best, that depends. If you are selling at the local level then talk about the locally owned shops on the purchase of your guppies. See what types and colors you might like more or think their customers want the best. Pure strain, show quality guppies raised a large size and can be secured virgin females sold quite a bit of money. No doubt you can find listings of many of them in places like eg and could provide a starting point for what charges. Remember, however, is a store of purchase for resale and not pay anywhere near the prices of regular web. On the positive side however, you do not have to worry about sending them and all costs, materials and the time it takes. If you are sending foam needed polystyrene shipping boxes, bags, packing material, shipping labels, etc, and the time to bring them to the post office to send out. Which feeds earnings big time as most buyers will only buy a trio or two of you and you have to carry a large number of recipients. The sale to a store another hand means a trip to the pet store with 50-100 guppies, get your money and run. Here is a list of clubs Guppy, it seems that some of them can not be too away from you and would be an excellent source of information as well as livestock. Personally, in my area, green or blue and red snakeskins Moscows sell well, but could be very different in your area. My kids are doing a nice little profit on sale of 3 local shops. Moscow Blue below. Http: / / / images / blueMoscow.jpg Here is a link with a bunch of photos from different strains and informaiton about of them. They sell so many. Http: / / / strains.htm The real trick is to have bigger, healthier, more beautiful guppies that the wholesaler at a price similar. If you do that, you will sell the fish. Good luck and if I can help more not hesitate to write. MM

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