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Kipling bags have been around for a number of years and continue to create fashionable bags with a sense of fun.

Although headquartered New York, USA the company really is an international business as the company originated in Belgium and Kipling bags today is global, with over 55 boutiques countries.

The company began the development of travel bags and backpacks, but soon realized that his appeal should not be limited to products Travel and before long the company started to produce fashionable bags and purses.

The spirit of the company is a style with a touch of fun peculiar and this is best demonstrated by the Kipling logo, the monkey. Kipling monkey believe best embodies the spirit of fun and mischief trying to put each their designs. The logo of monkeys is also linked with the name of the company itself was named after the British writer Rudyard Kipling, who is best remembered in writing The Jungle Book (a story about a young man who talks to the animals of the forest).

Today, the mono logo has become an integral part Kipling bag of each, as each bag now carries a small stuffed animal, colored and glued to the bag. Each is named after one of the employees company in Belgium and are sought as collectibles in their own right.

The beauty of a Kipling bag is the large number of colors available to choose what you once you've found a design that floats your boat accessories can select almost anything in your closet!

I’m the webmaster of a UK website that specialises in kipling bags. If you’re looking for a cheap, affordable AND original kipling purse then I think you may enjoy visiting our site.

My site brings every Kipling product both old and new under one roof making it easy to browse Kipling products currently available to buy on Ebay.

There is also some useful information about the company as well as a guide to Kipling products

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