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The Church has much experience in the theologies of Praise and Power. In fact, it is theologically sound to praise the Lord and give all the glory. The Bible is full praise by men and women of old to our wonderful God. The great Psalmist David became a man after God's heart, partly due to deep desire to praise the Lord. Other heroes of the faith were also great worshipers of God.

On the Theology of energy – is more beneficial to see God in all His power and glory. The biblical accounts of our mighty God as the liberator and champion of filling the pages of the holy book. From the Old Testament the New Testament, God demonstrates his undeniable power to meet the needs of its people and the promotion of his kingdom. Our God is an awesome God indeed.

Without But a theological aspect of the experience that the Church has lost is the theology of mourning. The Church has become like most advertising agencies only promote the positive part of the product, but rarely negative.

For the Church to grow in a holistic manner, we must allow to be moaning and groaning part of our spiritual experiences. The apostle Paul knew that the theology of first hand and I regret it this way in Romans 8:23.

"No only that, but also those who have the firstfruits of the Spirit, even we ourselves groan within ourselves, awaiting adoption, the redemption of our body. "

In the passages above, Paul had explained about the futility of this world of sin. Due to the imperfection of this age not receive all that we expect or want. Although we are redeemed people, our world remains amortized. We fall ill, let us make mistakes and sin.

Therefore, despite our deep desire, as redeemed men and women to be perfect and without sin, as our Lord and Savior, we continue to experience sins, weaknesses and moral failures. We, the 'first fruits of the Holy Spirit also gave a foretaste of heaven, but heaven itself. When our souls cry out for the perfection of heaven, our concrete experience of the world is imperfect.

Experience Born-again has given us a foretaste of heaven, but dropped the reality of this world is pest. That is our struggle and the result is cries and moans. We are caught in the "presence of the future" so much so that our souls mourning the day we fully adopted as sons and our bodies transformed into eternal entities.

The Holy Spirit has led to writers out both ancient words of praise and lament together in the Bible. The words of praise leads to the highest mountain in the glory of God, while the words of lament reveal the depths of human suffering.

By experiencing both theologies, we become integral in our spiritual experience. God certainly has given us permission to complain and even doubt. The difference is that we do so with the full knowledge and hope for an answer to prayer, God. Unlike the wicked, we can not scream without our Father in heaven listening and responding to our cries.

Sorry theology also brings an abundance of God's grace. Without our expressions honest in our pain, struggle and sin, how then can appreciate their mercy and grace? The Bible warns that we should not be afraid to face our sins. The we grieve over our sins and seek to be released, plus the grace of God confronts us. By confessing our sins, repent and seek forgiveness, then we able to appropriate the grace of God fully into our lives. The divine grace of God is expressed through the Blood of Jesus – a concept far beyond our human understanding useless.

"And if anyone sins, we have an advocate with the Father, Jesus Christ the righteous. And he is the propitiation our sins, and not for ours only but also for the whole world. "- 1 John 2:1-2

In conclusion, we will have a proper understanding the theology of grief and the experience accordingly. We must remember that God's grace in Jesus Christ, is far greater than all our sins. Christians should not be afraid to express the deep hurt and pain to God and the other disciples. The grace of God is even greater than the human factors and failures encountered in the community of the redeemed. We offer a variety of healing and restoration within the Body of Christ.

Reverend Albert Kang received his Master of Divinity in 1985 from Far East Advanced School of Theology (now known as Asia Pacific Theological Seminary), a Bible Seminary belonging to the Assemblies of God.

God has used him to initiate 16 churches and 3 orphanages in Asia and USA. His first church in Singapore grew from 23 people to 1,700 within six years. For 7 years, he ministered in Cambodia where he planted a Cambodian church and 3 orphanages. He then co-founded a new church in Pittsburgh, PA before returning to Singapore in 2001.

Today, his ministry is based in Malaysia and affiliated with High Praise Church in Subang Jaya. He serves as the Pastoral Advisor to various churches in Malaysia. He is also the Coordinator of Elijah Challenge Asia and Church Growth Consultant, conducting Church Growth Seminars and Leadership Training. His ordination is from Victory New Testament International, which is based in Texas, USA.

Reverend Albert Kang is married to Grace Ong who is a Nutritionist and Editor of a health magazine. They worship at High Praise Church in Subang and live with their two lovely dogs, Goodness and Mercy, at Bukit Rahman Putra, Selangor, Malaysia.

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