Urban School

Urban School
How do you feel about urban schools?

I read an essay about a teacher. The author said it was naive for believing in their students. Almost like that was hopeless. I graduated from an urban school and realize how difficult it is to teach children, but I feel like if teachers are gullible to believe in them. How do you feel?

I think they are overcrowded and underfunded. I grew up in suburban Maryland, where schools were virgins and no more than 25 children per class. It was a huge surprise when I moved to Brooklyn and was placed in a class with 36 students. There were no cupboards or lockers insufficient for everyone. We were using textbooks printed before the Second World War. I know that the magnet schools that children have to pass a test to enter receiving more funding, but I think the funding should be appropriated according to the needs not, test results.

urban school

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