Upright Roller

Upright Roller
chair can turn into the cause of an aneurysm?

I have a strange problem slightly. Many times when I'm at my computer listening to music, spinning on a chair with my head tilted to one side, and after a minute or so, I raise my head up, and suddenly, as blood flows out, a feeling of pleasure emanating from my head down, sometimes my whole body, a strange sort of feeling that you get on a roller coaster when the blood goes to your stomach, but much nicer, almost as if in the drug life more pleasant in me. I always thought this was light, innocent fun until I looked up cerebral aneurysms in Wikipedia night and thought, "Oh, my God. I've done this for an average of 15 minutes a day for the past five years, what I done to my brain boats! "I'm terrified that the years of flooding with the blood of my brain may have weakened my neural arteries to explode! How I can get this checked out by my doctor to make sure everything is okay. TC? How much $ $ $?

As far as I know that rotates in a chair not cause any kind of aneurysms. And when he does mention in the Wikipedia about anything going around? When you look up the medical conditions, sources for other use than this. Try eMedicine or the Mayo Clinic.

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