Upright Carry

Upright Carry
My 5 months old, crying all day, waiting only to me.?

I'm working at home and have had a nanny for her, but she refuses to play alone or with anyone else and always loves me and that too is close to me is not enough and you will be up and went out into the street. Otherwise, it doesn't stop mourn them all. She is fed, diapers changed and all other things carefully, but it doesn't stop mourn. It is possible to walk all time. Please advise I am baffled.

I had a girl in my home day care that was exactly like that from the day it began in the nursery at 5 months of age until the day I left to go to the 12-month-old crying all day unless I was carrying her around my hip, I did at home with her Mom too. It was ridiculous, had to let it go because I had another 5 children to take care that could not take it all the time. I really do not know what you do So, you'd think if you just let them mourn the time that it would stop this girl, but did not. I guess I just do not give up and I hope it ends soon blows! I'm sorry, good luck!

How to use the Sleepy Wrap in the Upright Carry Position for Newborns

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