Universal Power

Universal Power
How much is a universal power cable laptop at a cost?

I need a new one for my laptop Toshiba, but the reached with $ 69.99 to replace. I have only $ 27.00! My laptop is a Satellite A105, if it helps …. How much is the cheapest the cable I can buy that will work?

If you have an Ebay account number. or you can / want to get from here is to bid on: http://cgi.ebay.com/NEW-Power-Supply-Cord-for-Toshiba-Satellite-A105-S1014_W0QQitemZ250329384916QQihZ020QQcategoryZ31517QQcmdZViewItem Just look on the Internet for (Toshiba Satellite A105 power cord), many websites have one. If there is a Fry's Electronics near you test your site: http://www.frys.com/ if they have online, call the store and see if they have it in stock, will be approximately 10% or more, but u do not have to wait until b sent to you. Also. I have a Dell laptop and need only the cable, and power supplies. Make sure u need the cable and power supply, both before u buy both. You could get much cheaper cable only, and should be universal. (But it is good to have a backup as well)

Energizer XP 18000 Universal Power Pack

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