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When it comes to satellite radio services, the situation in the U.S. market is quite similar to satellite television, where two major services providers in the business – XM Satellite Radio and Sirius Satellite Radio. Sirius's original programming originates from studios in New York, while the XM Radio studios are located in Washington, DC There are rumors and news about the possibility of mergers between these two satellite radio providers, but no news solids had been released at the time of writing.

Both XM and Sirius charge customers a monthly basis. Individual users normally pay no more $ 15 per month to enjoy hundreds of radio programs, while business owners have to pay more (about $ 25/month for Sirius) if they wish to use radio channels as background music business (a cafe for example). Since 2005, Sirius offers a flat rate of nearly $ 500 valid for life useful equipment.

As for his popularity, XM claimed that they have more than 7.6 million subscribers in early 2007, Sirius on the other side said 6 million subscribers. A key strategy that brings success with the provider of satellite radio is that it has partnered with car manufacturers. Satellite radio equipment offered as original equipment on the car model. BMW, MINI, Mercedes, Ford, Honda, and many more are now the only partner of Sirius Satellite Radio in the expansions.

What is the best of satellite radio services?

Despite the monthly subscription fees, satellite radio comes in a few advantages that conventional AM / FM radio can not compete. One of the most important satellite radio service is that most of the music stations are free of irritants cuts commercial. As satellite radio providers to manage their business through the user's subscription fees, the bulk of the income source of the listeners, not advertisers. Therefore, the satellite radio providers manage to provide a large number of channels of commercial-free music in your package.

Also channels of commercial-free satellite radio is also standing in front of radio AM / FM, as they provide the best sound quality in broadcasting. AM / FM reception is often interrupted by weak signals, which then influence the quality of sound. This problem will not happen with satellite radio, the signals are free static.

In addition, satellite radio is very portable, which means that the same satellite radio shows you can listen to your Hi-Fi in the lounge or portable stereo in the car, or even on your personal computer with internet connection.

In addition to all these reasons, the satellite radio also stands out with its uncensored radio. Sirius and XM now offer a program very few 100% uncensored radio, which surely you can not get with ordinary Radio AM / FM. And before you ask, yes, you will get with the program of Howard Stern Satellite Radio (Sirius Satellite).

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