Underseat Carry

Underseat Carry
Is it illegal to carry a container 5 gallons of gas on a motorcycle?

The underseat storage is above the tank, and large enough to save a little extra fuel without affecting balance. But is it illegal or not?

A 5 liters of gasoline can is designed for emergency use no storage, the RAC of the police and RoSPA advice that only ever bring these empty cans and fill only the emergency. How far the intention go on the motorcycle? my Motoroma (RIP) used to do over 160 miles on a single tank that was enough for comfort reasons. However, I got a second tank petrol 1980 Suzuki motorcycle, this metal was the right size for placing on the Town as well (fitted better than my slider). Then use a vacuum fuel valve surgery and Tee'd this in the existing fuel system, this doubled my fuel capacity and gave me a range of 300 miles (extra weight offset fuel) meant I could get to Cornwall in a bikeful of gasoline. The idea was to Lands End to John O groats, but never fell off the tank .. I was a tank Scooter CS50, in fact I have still … ready for my next project scooter. EDIT …. Now who the FCUK i was upset to get the thumbs negative down … Yes, I did not, I'm not telling porkies ..


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