Two Pack

Two Pack

Bloons The popular series has brought a mind game tactic to confuse their opponents. Bloons Player Pack one brings 50 new stages to confuse even more intelligent the minds of game.

The idea of a pack of Bloons player 1 is the removal of a portion of the balloons with a dart throwing monkey, simply enter your level of play, then. The player must aim to empower and darts to guide it.

Players have the option to play two ways, either the regular game, or how unlimited dart. The regular game is the hardest of the two options offered by a limited number of arrows for each level, however, the unlimited dart mode gives the player as many darts, and who want to complete the level, this makes it easier, but not without effort.

In addition to the regular colored balloons, there are also Special balloons, including:

 • A balloon dart purple, which gives an extra dart.
 • A pink balloon of the needle, than sprays out a series of needles to blow the balloons around.
 • A balloon of frozen ice, freezing balloons around the area.
 • One red balloon bomb, which explodes causing the balloons to explode near it.
 • A dark blue globe level to destroy balloons nearby in the same horizontal line the same.
 • An orange needle balloon ball, a ball will affect destroy anything beneath it vertically.
 • A balloon boomerang, that the next launch will send a dart with a boomerang that goes out and comes back to you destroying everything in its path.
 • A light blue balloon dart multiple shooting in the next three darts forward instead of one.
 • A green pacman balloon, with implications for release Pacman is a character that can guide with the arrow keys to destroy all the balloons as possible.

The graphics are very basic and include a fund floating in the sky, a monkey and most levels have obstacles include the following:

 • black rubber bricks, darts bounce off, allowing it to hit another target.
 • Solid silver bricks, which are unbreakable and can break any darts.
 • Brown brick, which can be destroyed but will waste a dart in the process.

The intent of the game, is that the stages become more difficult and harder as more and more, however you may find that you have a special difficulty level, and then complete the following first time.

Hints and Tips

 • Experience, the game was not scored any points.
 • The majority of cases prevent ice balloons, which usually freeze balloons you need to complete the stage.
 • Use special care and balloons to your advantage that is usually what are there.

Bloons Player 1 package has a simple game of an exciting and allows players to design a tactical strategy. A game that goes pain staking of the glorious within seconds of each other.

You can find bloons walk throughs here. These guides will help you complete all 50 rounds of each of the bloons games.

2Pac – Dear Mama

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