Two Compartment

Two Compartment

When you shop has a large number of miscellaneous items that need to be with you. These accessories can easily be misplaced or fall out of pockets. In this article I want to share with you how e-Vibe iPhone Case can help make shopping easier.

1. Open the box. You will see many different compartments can be used to store many different items.

2. Access to zippered coin pouch and pocket the coin lying in the case. You find that you can store your coins and notes quickly and easily in the case. The compartments are much easier than the simple fact of your change in coins or dollar bills in their pockets.

3. Find the ID card slots and credit situated iPhone Wallet Case. If you're going out of a day of shopping will have his driver's license and a credit card or two. You can bring all these things with you in a safe and secure using the case.

4. Locate the shortcut accessory pocket located on the outside of the case. This is a great place to put all types of iPhone accessories and Bluetooth, but also a great place to store other accessories you may need during purchase.

5. Position your wireless phone in the pocket of mobile devices iPhone Case Wallet. You do not have to have a
iPhone, because this compartment has almost any mobile phone.

Now you have everything you need for a fun day shopping, all set within this unique portfolio and the phone box!

To get your very own iPhone Wallet Case to store all of your personal items visit the iPhone Wallet Case store at

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