Two Bottle

Two Bottle

There are lots of ways to store an open bottle of wine. There are pumps to move air. There nitrogen pump sprays – all to save a pair of glasses worth 'Of wine for later consumption. My preferred method would be to drink it. Just kidding.

This is really a serious matter. As a bachelor, I hated having a bottle wine for dinner, because I could never finish a whole bottle by myself. I could, but I always wanted the wine to help food, not being delivered. Well, my life was sad and I dined alone – a lot.

So most times if I wanted a drink for adults, which was cracking open a bottle of beer, and Of course, there was nothing wrong with that. A little later, as I was a bit more knowledgeable, I started using vacuum pumps to remove air from the bottles that did not end the sentence. Then I was that big bottle in refrigerator. Still, if I remember to drink in a week or so, would end up throwing it away.

And then a friend showed me a great method – God bless him (even if he is an atheist). It was used a half bottle. So, here is what you do "

1. Get a bottle of wine. Many European wines come in half bottles, ask your local wine shop.

2. Try to get a supply 3 to 4 half bottles

3. Take home and drink.

4. After you drink, wash all bottles and air dry (be sure to keep corks).

5. The next time you open a bottle of wine, do so. But as soon as you open the bottle filling, pour half of it within half bottle. Cork and put it in the fridge.

6. Take the remaining half.

Now, how good is this method. You are proactively save wine almost no air in the bottle means and not take the inclination angle or a bottle of wine high in a small refrigerator. This half bottle (remember to fill right to the cork ends, so that almost no air space in it) should last at least a couple of weeks.

Now you can have that half of the bottle in his time free. No bombs and spray cans to buy – just an easy, way to keep recyclable drinkable wines. Amen, brother.

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And he evidently thinks he knows a thing or two about wines. One reading of wines for morons and he’s an expert – help us all.

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