Tsa Lock

Tsa Lock

It's always exciting to plan a vacation, and one of the things you need to do is drag your luggage all the old dust (assuming they have not recently traveled) and see if they need replacement. And another thing to put in your checklist is to find out about luggage restrictions for your airline company air in particular.

The best thing to do is contact your carrier directly or visit their Web site to view what their particular rules and restrictions. One thing that has changed is the policy of blockade on baggage. In the past, it was a good idea to lock and keep the key in your wallet or purse, but policies security in most airports these days do not allow you to lock your luggage. This is done in case you need to check inside for any reason, before loaded onto the plane. If you do use a lock and is against policy, most likely will be cut. An alternative is to simply wear a bra wire (like the ones that come in a loaf of bread) to attach the rack just to make sure that is not open accidentally. In some cases this is all I can do, although there are locks available with a universal key, but I'm not sure that the airport staff took the time to verify this or not, what could be a loss money to buy them.

Many bags at the airport are similar, so it's a good idea to make him stand out as much as possible. You can buy a neon color it is easily seen strong or you can put a luggage strap around the brightly colored bag for identification. Another option is to attach a tape somewhere part. One good thing about having your luggage easily identifiable is the most thieves are not elected to those who steal because they are too obvious.

For best odds that your luggage arrives at the same destination you do, make sure you have clearly identified inside and out with your name and address. If you have a PO box I would use that instead of your home address just for security, but if not then go ahead and use your home address or an address work. The best type of label to get is the kind you have to open to see the address. In this way the details are not readily visible.

Do not forget to remove all luggage straps before checking luggage, and they may get caught in the machinery, causing damage.

Your next vacation will be smoothly if you remember to check your airline baggage restrictions and take advantage of these tips.

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