Tsa Combination

Tsa Combination
Suppliers Hardside Luggage TSA?

I'm heading to the U.S. in September, traveling with a TSA approved Hardside Samsonite suitcase. I heard that when looking for locks are often isolated, but does anyone know what they do with a locked Hardside case with combination lock built? I've heard that cases can be compressed forced zippers, but not be able to do that with mine. Or does anyone have any experience traveling to the U.S. a Hardside?

The other poster is right. There is a master "key" that leaves them in the suitcase. I do not think there's much to worry about, however. I've never had my hair pried the fly to the U.S. (As late as a couple of months back). There is nothing to worry about the suitcase if you need to go.

C&N TSA Padlock Instructions

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