Trolley Tote

Trolley Tote
A good bag for college?

I used to have one of those shopping bags to haul =) But, they seem so .. child you know? Mine lasted about 3 years before wearing out. I do not care what people think but I have kind of paranoia of people staring at me. So I tried JanSport and other bags .. No, I do not like at all. WAY too tight on my back and I carry heavy things. So I tried my old brown bag (sports bag) with padding and stuff but it was wayy to big on me. Then my godmother bought me a nice cloth bag, VERY COMFORTABLE from abercrombie kids. The original price was expensive, but I got it $ 20 – $ 25. The only problem is that they have a lot of books. Therefore, my shoulder hurts a little. Can anybody find A NICE and I do not care if expensive bag? I can take four years or more? And be a little easy on the eye? =) Thanks.

SA9715 I use a Swiss Gear laptop backpack to carry my computer portable and large books in college. I love Swiss Gear backpacks because its padded shoulder straps are wide and not dig into my shoulders. Compartments too much more Backpacks have a system of air flow so your back is not as sweaty during the hot summer days.

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